We do it with pleasure! : )

GreenGame - Loving the grass

“Our love to the grass and the delight to make people happy!”

The team of GREENGAME has the pleasure to be working for many years with our clients, who are more to us than clients and may be called friends. We have established healthy partnerships and received feedback on our work. That, on the other hand, helps us on a daily basis in professional and personal development and
establishing us as the supplier of the best quality sod. We deliver to every point in Bulgaria. We are experts in building, renovating and sod consulting, maintenance and care of sports areas, fields and professional grasses.

We are thankful for our achievements to our long-standing partners from Hellasod-Greece, who are the creators of the largest and most profitable sod farms on the Balkans. With its 3,000 acres of herbage, the company has varieties and solutions for every condition. Daily care and professional techniques contribute to the creation of thick, dense and healthy sod. Sandy soil facilitates the rapid rooting of the sod once it has been laid on its new foundation.

The proper and timely cutting of the sod with professional equipment helps us with it long-lasting transport, and the perfect thin rolls for its quick and easy installation without any joints. Everyone who used grass, our grass mixtures and our services for stadium building and renovation know very well what the benefits of a quality product or service are and why they should choose GREENGAME as their partner.

“We do it with pleasure!” : )

GreenGame - We do it with pleasure!