Grass Mixtures

High seed germination and careful
selection through selection and laboratory

Grass Mixtures

Eurograss Pro (EG PRO)

Mixtures for professional use

The EUROGRASS PRO program has been developed for professional use and under high requirements. The species are carefully selected with their different characteristics to formulate mixtures of grass seeds for a wide range of purposes. Sowing time, climatic and soil conditions, purpose and subsequent maintenance are important parameters in their composition. The results are professional grass mixtures that meet the highest requirements.

EG Pro Classic

CLASSIC is designed for green areas and landscaping, where low cost is important. Mixtures germinate and locate very quickly the dense grass carpet, at the same time are not requiring much mowing. CLASSIC is a suitable blend for a wide range of uses and offers average tolerance towards usage.


EG Pro Sport

Sports mixtures are extremely resistant to usage and designed specifically for heavy sports conditions. They are suitable for first class sports areas and municipal sports playgrounds. They offer exceptional performance and visual appeal.


EG Pro Ornamental

ORNAMENTAL is ideal for grass areas where a thin textured finish is required and only the best ones will do it. Rapid germination and grass-carpet formation as well as low mowing support are the main features of these mixtures. Decorative grass is suitable for all professional grass areas, built on a wide range of soil types.


EG Pro Renovation

RENOVATION mainly consists of fast-growing and usage-resistant grasses. These mixtures are intended for sowing where a quick result is required. Once sowed they will provide a thick flooring that recovers quickly.


EG Pro Shade

SHADE is specifically designed for shady places, but will also perform well in open conditions. Shadow mixtures are ideal for areas around buildings, under and around trees, on different soil types. Thanks to the high content of Festuca arundinacea (70%) in EG Pro 320, this mixture is also suitable for hot and dry conditions, and is tolerant to trampling.


Eurograss DIY (EG DIY)

Mixtures for home use

The EUROGRASS DIY blending program is especially designed for home use. It consists of recommended quality varieties that optimally complement each other in their respective characteristics. In addition to the high-quality standard, special attention is paid to the good price-quality ratio.



Grass mixtures on request

In addition to our EUROGRASS blends, we have all specific blends for the country and mixtures for special conditions. We even produce tailored made mixtures depending on the client taste in the cases of a large quantity order. Please check with us our flexibility.