Natural turf grass pitches

Comprehensive process in the construction
and maintenance of natural turf grass pitches.

Natural turf grass pitches


Knowledge and skills at all stages

We start from the stage of assessing the needs of our client, create the project and make the design. At the project stage we offer complete construction and design of tailored made services corresponding to the requirements of our clients. At the stage of maintenance we offer programs, products and everything connected with the maintenance of Natural turf grass pitches.

GreenGame - Knowledge and skills at all stages

Design and construction

Building a good and quality Natural turf grass pitch that can withstand intense workloads, drain rainwater efficiently, and offer excellent play features over a long period, requires a process that is planned from the very beginning and continuously maintained afterwards. We offer expertise in the design and construction of football fields.

Construction of irrigation systems

We commit ourselves to combine the latest technological advances with our expertise in order to provide to sport areas the most efficient and cost-effective irrigation systems. We believe that we work closely with our clients in every aspect of the field design. We will work with you as a teammate in order to develop a plan for your irrigation system. Our goal is simple: to put the right amount of water where the soil needs it.

GreenGame - Natural turf grass pitches maintenance

Natural turf grass pitches maintenance

In addition to building the sports areas, we also offer grass maintenance services. Whether it’s a one-time or continuous service or maintenance every three months – We’ll take care of your sports area. Weekly procedures include: lawn mowing, game restoration, correction, and pitching. All other maintenance activities, such as aeration, sowing, sanding, etc. are coordinated and implemented as required.