SOD Varieties

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SOD Varieties


Lolium Perenne, Tall fescue, Poa pratensis

Beautiful and gentle grass, like the goddess Athena, this is a wise choice in regards of the aesthetic appearance it has. It is very tolerant to climatic conditions with very high and low temperature changes. It has medium-sized leaves and a very bright green color both in winter and summer. Ideal for home use, sophisticated areas and private football fields.

SOD Athens
SOD Hercules


Tall fescue

Robust and durable like Hercules, it is known for its density and bright green color throughout the year. It is suitable for dry and warm climate conditions and high use with minimal maintenance. The leaves size are moderate to medium. It is suitable for home use, public spaces, parks, recreation areas, training playgrounds, and as well as for coastal areas.


Bermudagrass hybrid

This is the ecological choice for water shortages and fertilizers. It has light green color and fine leaves with soft texture. It is highly tolerant to high temperatures, intensive use and survives solid and salty water.

SOD Zeus
SOD Platinum


Paspalum hybrid

It a certified sod. This is a completely new and improved Paspalum type. It is worldwide accepted as the absolute leader during the warm season. No. 1 in the world in terms of salt water tolerance. It is produced under the permission and supervision of Turf Systeme USA. It shows rapid growth during the summer while creating a dense green surface. It has a satisfactory tolerance to shading.


Olympic … performance

A sod highly used for professional football fields. It has a mix of varieties that gives the qualities of resilient usage and dark green grasses, giving a deep color in front of the small screen. Normally it is cut off on a large roll with a specialized machine for sport fields. Designed for formal areas.

SOD Olimpico
SOD Green velvet

Green velvet

Dichondra repens

A single-leaf clover, perfect for shady places, it is not tolerant of trampling and drafting. Designed for decorative places that can not be mowed. It requires product treatment for foliar diseases.


Lolium perenne & Dichondra repens

A sod with a mix of single clover and ryegrass. Designed for areas with mix shadow. It is moderately tolerant of trampling.

SOD Zorro


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