Renovation of the grass cover of “Beroe” stadium – Stara Zagora

Renovation of the grass cover of “Beroe” stadium – Stara Zagora


The grass cover of the official stadium of PFC “Beroe”, Stara Zagora has been completely renovated and is now of even better quality due to its dense and deep root system installed by Green Game Ltd.. Thus, football players reduce the risk of injury and in case of the ball slipping becomes even more optimal.

The old sod was removed with a specialized Top Field Maker machine, which in no way disturbed the leveled root zone and was more cost effective for the club.

In addition to swelling the root zone and precise leveling of the base before applying the sod, we included the participation of a rotary cutter, rotor rake and a laser grader.

The sod type used was Hercules, which is a reserved trademark for Hellasod – Greece. It is our favorite in terms of affordable price, dense root system, foliage and extremely resistant to phytopathogenic fungal diseases on the grass.

For the quick rooting of the chim we used the products of Compo Experts, including NPK granular fertilizers for the long-term release of the basic elements Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, as well as additional trace elements and biostimulants.


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